Edited by Sonia Cristofaro

Volume 9 (2015)

Word Order, Action, and the Brain: A Reply to Arbib
David Kemmerer

From Action to Typology? A Neuro‐evolutionary Perspective
Michael A. Arbib

Volume 8 (2014)

Direct/Inverse Systems
Guillaume Jacques and Anton Antonov

Waves Across the Himalayas: On the Typological Characteristics and History of the Bodic Subfamily of Tibeto‐Burman
Gwendolyn Hyslop

Demonstratives, Frames of Reference, and Semantic Universals of Space
Holger Diessel

Volume 6 (2012)

Advances in the Cross‐Linguistic Study of Ideophones (pages 654–672)
Mark Dingemanse

Towards a More Articulated Typology of Internally Headed Relative Constructions: The Semantics Connection (pages 447-476)
Alexander Grosu

Prominence Hierarchies (pages 431–446)
Hunter T. Lockwood and Monica Macaulay

Weather and Language (pages 383–402)

Pål K. Eriksen, Seppo Kittilä and Leena Kolehmainen

Typological Universals as Reflections of Biased Learning: Evidence from Artificial Language Learning (pages 310–329)
Jennifer Culbertson

Path: Ways Typology has Walked Through it (pages 236–258)
Caroline Imbert

The Cross-Linguistic Prevalence of SOV and SVO Word Orders Reflects the Sequential and Hierarchical Representation of Action in Broca’s Area (pages 50–66)
David Kemmerer

Volume 5 (2011)

Auxiliary Verb Constructions (and Other Complex Predicate Types): A Functional–Constructional Overview (pages 795–828)
Gregory D. S. Anderson

Small Clauses (pages 748–763)
Barbara Citko

The Typology of Templates (pages 731–747)
Jeff Good

Behind the Mexican Mountains: Recent Developments and New Directions in Research on Uto-Aztecan Languages (pages 485–504)
Gabriela Caballero

Towards a Typology of Locative Inversion – Bantu, Perhaps Chinese and English – But Beyond? (pages 169–189)
Martin Salzmann

Volume 4 (2010)

Non-Referential Uses of Nominalization Constructions: Asian Perspectives (pages 1154–1175)
Foong Ha Yap and Karen Grunow-Hårsta

Typology of Finiteness (pages 1176–1189)
Irina Nikolaeva

Eskimo-Aleut Languages (pages 1041–1055)
Alana Johns

Developments in the Study of Intonational Typology (pages 874–889)
Sabine Zerbian

Subjects: Grammatical Relations, Grammatical Functions and Functional Categories (pages 890–902)
Ileana Paul

Nominal Classification (pages 719–736)
Frank Seifart

On the Conditions for Antipassives (pages 556–575)
Bettina Spreng

A Survey of Contemporary Research on Amazonian Languages (pages 319–336)
Caleb Everett

Volume 3 (2009)

Word Order Patterns and Principles: An Overview (pages 1328–1341)
Jae Jung Song

Serial Verb Constructions (pages 792–814)
Walter Bisang

Segment Inventories (pages 700–718)
Jeff Mielke

The Languages of Siberia (pages 424–440)
Edward J. Vajda

Grammatical Categories and Relations: Universality vs. Language-Specificity and Construction-Specificity (pages 441–479)
Sonia Cristofaro

Typology of Ergativity (pages 480–508)
William B. McGregor

Volume 2 (2008)

Khoisan Languages (pages 996–1012)
Christa König

ATR Harmony in African Languages (pages 496–549)
Roderic F. Casali

Derivational Morphology (pages 196–210)
Laurie Bauer

Rebuilding Australia’s Linguistic Profile: Recent Developments in Research on Australian Aboriginal Languages (pages 211–233)
Alice Gaby

Volume 1 (2007)

Word Classes (pages 709–726)
Jan Rijkhoff

The Languages of Vietnam: Mosaics and Expansions (pages 727–749)
Jerold A. Edmondson and Kenneth J. Gregerson

Typology in Optimality Theory (pages 750–769)
Matthew Gordon

Negation – An Overview of Typological Research (pages 552–570)
Matti Miestamo