Phonetics & Phonology

Edited by: Elan Dresher and Yoonjung Kang

Volume 9 (2015)

Geminate Devoicing in Japanese Loanwords: Theoretical and Experimental Investigations
Shigeto Kawahara

Volume 8 (2014)

Optimality Theory and Spanish Phonology
Travis G. Bradley

Volume 7 (2013)

Hiatus Resolution in Spanish: Motivating Forces, Constraining Factors, and Research Methods
Marisol Garrido

Input to Language: The Phonetics and Perception of Infant‐Directed Speech
Alejandrina Cristia

Volume 6 (2012)

Structure and Substance in Artificial‐Phonology Learning, Part II: Substance (pages 702–718)
Elliott Moreton and Joe Pater

Structure and Substance in Artificial‐phonology Learning, Part I: Structure (pages 686–701)
Elliott Moreton and Joe Pater

Vowel Harmony in Optimality Theory (pages 575–592)
Rachel Walker

Quantity and the Three‐Syllable Window in Dutch Word Stress (pages 343–358)
Marc van Oostendorp

Mikołaj Kruszewski: Theory and Vision (Part One) (pages 330–342)
Daniel Silverman

Mikołaj Kruszewski: Theory and Vision (Part Two) (pages 296–309)
Daniel Silverman

The Phonological Organization of Sign Languages (pages 162–182)
Wendy Sandler

Volume 5 (2011)

Linking Speech Errors and Generative Phonological Theory (pages 397–412)
Matthew Goldrick

Computational Phonology – Part II: Grammars, Learning, and the Future (pages 153–168)
Jeffrey Heinz

Computational Phonology – Part I: Foundations (pages 140–152)
Jeffrey Heinz

Phonetic and Phonological Factors in the Second Language Production of Phonemes and Phonotactics (pages 126–139)
Lisa Davidson

Volume 4 (2010)

Issues in the Analysis of Chinese Tone (pages 1137–1153)
Jie Zhang

Volume 3 (2009)

An Introduction to Harmonic Serialism (pages 1001–1018)
John J. McCarthy

Athabaskan Phonetics and Phonology (pages 1019–1040)
Sharon Hargus

Articulatory Phonology (pages 818–830)
Nancy Hall

Computational Methods for Normalizing Acoustic Vowel Data for Talker Differences (pages 1430–1442)
Cynthia G. Clopper

Phonetic differences between male and female speech (pages 621–640)
Adrian P. Simpson

Speaking and Hearing Clearly: Talker and Listener Factors in Speaking Style Changes (pages 236–264)
Rajka Smiljanić and Ann R. Bradlow

Volume 2 (2008)

How Infant Speech Perception Contributes to Language Acquisition (pages 1149–1170)
Judit Gervain and Janet F. Werker

Diachronic Explanations of Sound Patterns (pages 859–893)
Gunnar Ólafur Hansson

Forensic Phonetics (pages 671–711)
Michael Jessen

An Overview of Lexical Phonology (pages 456–477)
Jerzy Rubach

Interlanguage Segmental Mapping as Evidence for the Nature of Lexical Representation (pages 103–118)
Yoonjung Kang

Volume 1 (2007)

Loose Lips and Silver Tongues, or, Projecting Sexual Orientation Through Speech (pages 416–449)
Benjamin Munson and Molly Babel

Phonological and Phonetic Characteristics of African American Vernacular English (pages 450–475)
Erik R. Thomas

What Is Optimality Theory? (pages 260–291)
John J. McCarthy